Energy Analysis & Product Installation/Replacement

Would you like to reduce the carbon footprint of your business or home and make a serious dent in your monthly electrical and heating bill to boot? Clean Energy Pathways can help make this a reality by arranging financing to equip structures with electrical generation technologies as well as replacing old, inefficient appliances and utilities (lighting, heating, air conditioning) with much more efficient models.

How It Works

First, Clean Energy Pathways evaluates the energy needs of your building. We evaluate how much power your building currently uses, and how much you currently pay for that power. We then evaluate what types of incentives, mandates, and rebates are being offered for your particular zip code for efficiency upgrades and energy production. Every state has a different renewable portfolio standard, some being much more progressive than others.

Once the company has determined how much it will ultimately cost to replace all inefficient heating, cooling, and lighting components of your building, it then arranges the financing to actually make those efficiency upgrades happen. The company can then stop at this point if you, the customer, wishes; but there is usually some type of charge for our services if that is the case. How much that charge is depends upon the rebates and incentives offered for the area your home or business is located.

Usually, our customers wish us to go one step further and actually place solar generation equipment (photo voltaic panels) on or around their structure. If this is indeed the case with your project plan, Clean Energy Pathways will proceed in the following manner:

First, the company determines what type of photo voltaic panels to use (we have access to an assortment of different colors, sizes, and shapes), as well as how many panels we will actually need to use to generate the required amount of electricity for your project. The company then arranges to have a solar array erected as planned. The maintenance of this solar array is usually handled by the individuals that put the array up, unless you, the customer, wish other arrangements to be made.

The overall cost to you, the customer, is usually little to nothing, depending on your states renewable portfolio standard. If Clean Energy Pathways is allowed to arrange the placement of a solar array on or around your business or home, the cost to replace all of the inefficient appliances (lighting, air conditioning, heating) and the cost of adding a photovoltaic array to your home or business is always economically advantageous! For customers of ours that qualify, we can arrange 100% of the financing (that means you as the customer pay nothing)! The company (Clean Energy Pathways) can also then guarantee you, the customer, a substantial decrease in your monthly electric bill as well! We can guarantee this monthly savings to you because every panel that Clean Energy Pathways allows to be placed on your roof or property has been thoroughly tested to ensure it generates the amount of electricity specified, and the testing is so rigorous that insurance companies will give a performance bond guarantee to back up the promised decrease in monthly utility bills (above and beyond the substantial savings that you would automatically notice by simply changing your lighting, heating, and air conditioning appliances to much more efficient units)!

In other words, our customers notice automatic (usually substantial) decreases in their utility bills simply by having us upgrade their inefficient utilities to much more efficient ones. But Clean Energy Pathways can go one LARGE step further and GUARANTEE (through performance bond guarantees) even MORE substantial monthly savings by arranging to have photo voltaic arrays placed on or around customers buildings. These performance bond guarantees are backed by insurance companies; if the customer does not realize the added savings on their monthly utility bills that we said the photovoltaic panels would provide, then the performance bond guarantee will literally pay our customer the difference! How cool is that?

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